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According to 983 visitors Bradley Steven Perry is 58% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Bradley Steven Perry is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  jess @ 2012-06-24 18 up,5 down
He is so adorable. Like hella! I wish he was atleast bi tho.
  Aaron @ 2012-08-22 14 up,5 down
He looks so innocent but hey if he's gay he's gay i'm all for him(i mean "i'm all for it"")
  Rabbit @ 2012-09-30 13 up,4 down
i think hes cute as hell (for 13 that is) but in my opinion i think hes at leat Bi :)
  fun123 @ 2012-10-15 14 up,4 down
I think he's gay the way he stands just makes me think it
  Cool @ 2012-10-21 17 up,3 down
I lik him I wish he was bi so I can date him
  joe @ 2012-11-05 7 up,9 down
I don't think that he gay.He's so cool.
  Lala gurll @ 2012-11-08 11 up,11 down
So what if hes gay? Gay or not hes still cute to me cuz im 13 too... we r all human and we all have our different ways of life so to speak. So all u haters out there listen and listen closely.... if u dnt thave anything nce to say---- shut up!
  B cool @ 2012-11-24 7 up,9 down
U go lala gurll... i totally agree with you! listen ppl.. everybody is different and ppl hve their own way of livin ur life...... soooo if u wnna keep livin ur life i suggest u bck off of bradley and leave him alone! Omg y do u hve 2 judge? Look everybody out, there including bradley and all u other ppl who hve haters on ur bck, you are unique, special and awsome... dont let anyone tell u other wise............. am i right or am i right?
  No @ 2012-12-20 9 up,5 down
His 14, he's to young to make a judgement
  sonny @ 2012-12-28 3 up,7 down
He us.not GAY!!!!!!!!
  alli @ 2012-12-28 6 up,9 down
He is to hot to be gay!!!!!!!
  Kennan @ 2012-12-29 6 up,4 down
I think hes at least bi because if he is I've got to meet him because he's friggin cute! I'm 12 and a guy.
  @ 2013-01-03 8 up,3 down
He wore ugg boots on good luck Charlie
  @ 2013-01-03 4 up,5 down
He wore ugg boots on good luck Charlie
  I love BRADLEY STEVEN PERRY @ 2013-01-28 6 up,1 down
I love Bradley! He is SOOOOO cute and a REALLY good actor.

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