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According to 361 visitors Burt Reynolds is 55% gay.
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  Alex @ 2012-05-26 11 up,2 down
From around the rainbow, I hear Burt Reynolds is as gay as it gets.
  Randall @ 2012-07-15 7 up,1 down
When Andy Warhol was asked if Burt Reynolds was gay, he said "Well he roomed with George Maharis when he first came to NYC." Maharis was a TV star in the 1960s who got busted at least once for propositioning a cop in a park. Of course, many young people in all professions share quarters in New York, as rents are so high. Doesn't mean they are gay.
  Richard @ 2013-01-11 8 up,2 down
I saw one of his movies in the 70's (can't remember the name) where his character was admiring the physique of another man. The female lead asked him if he was q***r. He said, "No, but if I was I would be for him." That was the first reference to homosexuality in a movie I ever heard. It strangely validated my budding sexuality and always left me wondering if he might be at least bi because he said it so convincingly.

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