Is Elton John gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Elton John. Do you think Elton Johns sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Elton John Is homosexual / gay

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Relationship history:
  • Elton John is dating David Furnish (from Feb 1993-present)
  • Elton John was married to Renate Blauel (from Oct 1984-March 1988)

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    According to 7123 visitors Elton John is 91% gay.
    The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Elton John has been voted highly gay.

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      amanda. @ 2011-11-08 46 up,21 down
    he has a husband and has an adopted baby with that guy.
    there is no question at all if he is gay or straight.
    Hes a VERY VERY talented gay guy, and there is no problem with that ^.^
      Horst werener @ 2012-01-05 13 up,11 down
    Gay as John is.!!!! Fantastic singer really talented. Has a great stage presence and has a good vocal range.
    Love his music.
      Jordin @ 2012-01-08 21 up,12 down
    He's def gay! But that's okay! Everyone deserves to be exactly who they want to be! End of discussion!
      Taylor @ 2012-02-01 5 up,15 down
    Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and Christianity is not gay. How could you even say that?
      Elton John @ 2012-02-12 57 up,4 down
    I can't believe I only got 82%!
      Jesus @ 2012-02-13 2 up,16 down
    Now now, Dad, turn the other cheek. And hey Satan, you can have him because if he thinks JUDGING other people is what I wanted Christians to do well then he's either misguided or well just plain not worthy of my kingdom. This is for you Ears14u.
      @ 2012-02-25 11 up,11 down
    He's gay he's great and there's NOTHING wrong with being gay!! They don't harm us, they did nothing wrong to us, so it's definitely NOT a sin!
      GayDarThVader @ 2012-03-03 18 up,4 down
    What are the other 18% thinking!!!??
      @ 2012-03-23 7 up,1 down
    he has less gay percentage than Nadal, makes no sense... hahaha
      unbelievable @ 2012-03-23 7 up,1 down
    If Elton is thought to be only 80% gay on this site, then I'm going to add and subtract 20% from all obvious ridiculous meter readings.
      d @ 2012-05-24 5 up,1 down
    he is gay he has admit it and he has a husband and a child
      Dani3l @ 2012-06-09 19 up,1 down
    As gay as an Easter parade.

    So gay he makes Truman Capote look like John Wayne.

    So gay that no rainbows occurred anywhere on Earth for six years after his birth because all the gay had been used up making him.
      Gus @ 2012-06-17 4 up,2 down
    Just 94%?...?? Sir Elton John, must be kidding
      me @ 2012-06-24 1 up,5 down
    Its not just a yes/no type of thing..its a spectrum, some people are more gay than others. thats why its a percentage!
      Leah @ 2012-06-26 9 up,0 down
    Omg, I can't believe it! Elton seems SO straight!
      dee4u2nv @ 2012-08-29 7 up,1 down
    Some people might not know this, but Elton John's very first marriage was to a woman, who at the time, was his close friend and sound engineer. Her name was Renate Blauel and they married on Valentine's Day 1984. Their marriage lasted three years.
      cutie @ 2012-10-15 2 up,5 down
    He is gay, but he has the voice of an angel :D just saying.His songs were sung by a woman in lion king.
      Hummels @ 2012-10-17 9 up,12 down
    God bless the adopted child... Imagine the shock he is gonna get
      Cotton @ 2012-11-12 3 up,9 down
    Of course, he's gay, but he's a nice gay chap who isn't a totalitarian atheist. For a gay atheist fellow, he's very cool indeed. =)
      @ 2012-12-05 6 up,2 down
    Songwriters, singers and entertainers are notoriously and disproportionally gay
      Fredrick @ 2013-01-13 4 up,16 down
    He's not gay, It's all an act. You can't argue with millions of albums sold.

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