Was Elvis Presley gay or straight?

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Elvis Presley was heterosexual / straight

Why people think Elvis Presley is not gay
Elvis Presley had a fling with Cher (from June 1975-Sep 1975)
Elvis Presley was married to Priscilla Presley (from May 1967-Oct 1973)

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According to 594 visitors Elvis Presley is 35% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Elvis Presley is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  @ 2012-03-17 28 up,12 down
this is stupid, this guy was 100% straight
  @ 2012-04-08 21 up,12 down
Yeah I believe this man was not gay at all
  Justinstl @ 2012-04-24 15 up,41 down
I know for fact he lived a straight life but had young men for sex in Las Vegas....He rented the entire floor of the hotel to keep his secret life secret! But Yes GAY 100%
  m @ 2012-05-21 24 up,12 down
He was 100% straight. Any other suggestion is just wishful thinking.
  @ 2012-09-09 10 up,13 down
Thanks, for ruining a legends name, fool. You should be ashamed.
  deanne @ 2012-10-05 21 up,13 down
Elvis 120% straight did not rent out entire floor for young men jealous people making rumours up
  @ 2012-10-05 8 up,13 down
If there were young men with elvis they would be very rich selling there story even now
  Kolleen @ 2012-10-30 19 up,11 down
Absolutely NOT! LOVED WOMEN. Read Alanna Nash's book about Elvis, "Baby Let's Play House" and the gay meter will go to 0. And also gives information on 14-year-old Priscilla, who has been portrayed as "innocent." Ha! Good reading but I don't really believe Elvis Presley died 8/16/77. Add those numbers and it is 2001. He was heavy into numerology and had an 8th degree blackbelt and knew how to slow his heartbeat down as if he were unconscious. He also studied a PDR so knew exactly what meds to take. No, Elvis was not and is not gay!
  Dan McFist @ 2013-02-08 14 up,22 down
Elvis was gay (or bi), but so what? I still love his music and performances!

• appears to be wearing eye makeup early in his career
• Scotty Moore said when he first met him, Elvis was wearing pink slacks
• dyed his hair black
• very committed to his mamma
• Liberace was a major influence on his wardrobe choices
• guarded demeanor, like he's keeping a secret
• too handsome to be straight

Finally, in her 1985 autobiography, "Elvis and Me", Priscilla says that Elvis was not overtly sexual towards her. Although he would spend hours alone with her in his bedroom, he didn't make any advances towards her.

If Raymond Burr and Rock Hudson could keep their gayness secret for years, why not Elvis?

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