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  Jim @ 2011-12-08 27 up,127 down
Yes, he was a bonafide "peter puffer". AIDS was purported to have taken his life. What a musical waste.
  james @ 2011-12-15 116 up,7 down
Freddie was a wonderful person, our loss is not just musical.
  Me @ 2011-12-27 71 up,5 down
He was awesome,just that.RIP,we miss you sir.
  totalqueer @ 2012-01-01 43 up,22 down
who voted lower than 100? ur in denial. look at that stache! anyway, love his music and his fantastic showmanship.
  Kat @ 2012-02-07 69 up,11 down
History says bi.
  cas @ 2012-03-22 46 up,7 down
the saddest part of his story was that when hid a little bit of make-up lots of people said "he is gay,he wears make-up!"and when he made a more man-like figure,again those people said"he's gay,look at his tache!"
no matter whatever he would do or looked, it would definitely mean gay!
cause it was "freddie's".

lots of people were badly jealous of him.i haven't seen any man in my whole life having all what freddie had,fame,popularity,money,great talent,unique voice,millions of fans ,u know having all of this is such a heavy heavy thing and still being faithful to his very first love in his heart.
  @ 2012-03-23 23 up,113 down
No offence but some of you make him out to be some great humanitarian, but the only contribution Freddy ever made in person was fulfilling another man's lust.
Sure, his music rocked, but apart from that, the only deposits he made were left in the back of Davis Bowie's shorts, lol!
  brooklynite @ 2012-04-03 14 up,43 down
Freddy was too talented to be straight....look at the concert in Montreal, Wimbeldon stadium....just fabulous, he was a hot lady-boy and I miss him terribly
  sweetunes @ 2012-05-04 42 up,3 down
Freddie was a gentleman first and foremost, a beautiful spirit and the most talented singer of his generation, with a 4 octave range, and and voice that had both power and emotion. He could sing anything and make it sound special. His onstage performances were fantastic and have never been duplicated. Watch the Live Aid 1985 Queen Performance, as he sang, and danced and pranced his way into millions of peoples hearts! What a true gem! He lived life to the fullest, loved deeply, and was a true "Singer of Songs". We miss you so much darling!
  @ 2012-05-20 57 up,3 down
Freddie Mercury was openly bisexual. He had a long term relationship with Mary Austin before they broke up and Freddie started dating Jim Hutton. Freddie stated that Mary was his soul mate. I don't know why they broke up, though.
  Keyo @ 2012-05-27 21 up,3 down
I had a friend in the 70's that drove Limo in Phila. Queen did two days of shows there and it was his job to pick up the band and take them back and forth to the shows. He told us Queen came in a day early and for two nights he had to take Freddy to ever gay bar in Phila. till he found someone. Of course we didn't want to believe him but as it turns out he was telling the truth.
  Hugh Jarsole @ 2012-06-08 6 up,10 down
"Freddy was too talented to be straight....look at the concert in Montreal, Wimbeldon stadium....just fabulous, he was a hot lady-boy and I miss him terribly"

Freddy played at "Wimbledon stadium"? LOL I think you are getting him confused with Fred Perry
  Jane @ 2012-06-13 39 up,12 down
Freddie was bisexual, not gay
  Pookie @ 2012-07-01 12 up,5 down
Davis Bowie? Hmmmmm. No matter. Freddie was amazing. A great loss to all. I was not aware he was bisexual, though.
  Jk @ 2012-07-11 5 up,11 down
I say bi becouse he had a girl friend but he got aids when it frist started out so you have to wonder :/
  Brian @ 2012-08-20 22 up,2 down
One of the most talented performers ever to grace our stages, An incredible vocal range and natural born showman.

Freddie was also a very humble, compassionate and thoughtful to those around him in the limited time that I knew him. Those are the only "Labels" that matter!
  lolz @ 2012-09-10 8 up,4 down

look on wik,ipedia, freddie s bi sexual / gay
  Jack @ 2012-11-10 17 up,27 down
Freddie Mercury is gay. Not bi-sexual...
  Kit @ 2012-11-10 5 up,1 down
@ Tesla hahahaha!!
  H @ 2012-11-24 20 up,7 down
Honestly i think he is bisexual because you used to see him with girls all the time so hes not just gay.
  Ged @ 2012-11-29 13 up,24 down
Freddie Mercury was gay, because he had many more male lovers, where he only had a quick relationship with mary austin, they broke up cos he knew he was living a lie pretending to be straight.
freddie loved muscley hairy blokes, he had a crush on Burt Reynolds Mmmmmmm good taste!
  gyspy @ 2012-12-09 20 up,41 down
Bisexuallity is just a pit stop on the road to gaytown
  Farts @ 2012-12-29 34 up,4 down
Seriously? "Quick relationship"? He and Mary were together for six years and remained close friends for the rest of his life. He also left most of his fortune (millions) to her (plus his mansion). Austin even received more than Mercury's family did when he died. His boyfriend at the time only received about 500,000 pounds. I'm not saying he's straight, but better, more logical reasons needs to be given to support the notion of his sexuality. Peace
  Menny @ 2013-01-12 11 up,3 down
Freddy was a god among man, truly a giant none can ignore his inspired and brought joy to millions across the world, one of the greatest of all time. And gay.
  Thespian @ 2013-01-14 10 up,1 down
Freaking love Freddie. RIP beautiful soul <3
  Richard @ 2013-01-19 13 up,7 down
Whether gay or bi Freddie Mercury was one of the LGBTQ saints of the 20th century and we are still the poorer for his death. Rest in peace.
  GED @ 2013-01-30 8 up,13 down
Garden lodge was Freddies mansion, and he only employed gay men to run it. everyone living there was gay. so i rest my case to say freddie was not bi-sexual but 100% gay. Thats why he was so great and entertaining on stage.
  JJ @ 2013-02-02 7 up,18 down
He had loads of talent, across his face
  Auntie @ 2013-02-08 25 up,4 down
Freddie was fairly open about his homosexuality toward the end of his life. What was so shocking about his death was that he announced that he had aids just a few days before he died.

When I learned that he had passed, I sat right down and cried. Queen was one of my favorite bands. To think that we would never have that again was pretty brutal. On top of that, Freddie was very talented in other areas. It was a tremendous loss.

As for the "peter puffer" comment below, my son was diagnosed with AIDS about two years ago. He is not gay, he is happily married, and he was not a drug user. If you research it, the VA infected a bunch of their patients with AIDS. My son served his country in the military. Do you think he deserved to get AIDS for that?

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