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  Rose @ 2012-04-09 6 up,9 down
Yep he's gay
  Heather @ 2012-07-12 10 up,3 down
I'm a 56 y.o. women. Just watched his new album promo, including interveiws and song clips. He sings mainly women's songs and his moves, especially his hand gestures when singing, are feminine. Saw all gay, non-masculine mannerisms. So much so, I immediately googled him to find out if he's out as gay. He said he's a Christian, so it might be awhile till he'll come out.
A beautiful looking boy and amasing voice.
  Emma @ 2012-08-05 6 up,4 down
i dont think he is gay, considering that there has been no proof of either its hard to tell. I personally act like a guy sometimes and maybe even perfer to dress in boyish clothes, BUT i am straight. thus proving my point that he may or may not be gay.....that took awhile to exsplain,huh?
  Kate @ 2012-08-21 8 up,1 down
I think it is a bit silly to judge this at his young age.
I am a girl, and when I was at his age, I had the first kiss from a boy and then kissed girls as well, I was simply curious. And I am straight now as a grown up.
Jack has an amazing talent, and just because he has feminine gestures as an artist does not necessarily mean that he is gay.
But we will see anyway later on.
  kelly @ 2012-08-23 2 up,4 down
i think he is gay but he got a great voice he sing like a women the way that he present is is gay but he is so kiut and hot but i think he is gay
  Cajun Spice @ 2012-08-27 4 up,4 down
Kate you have no clue what you are talking about. Gays are born gay--although some choose it for whatever reason/s. so age has nothing to do with it. Alot deny it for obvious reasons until they are old enough and or accept it.
  Jack's cousin @ 2012-09-10 18 up,5 down
I'm Jack's cousin and i see him every 3-4 weeks, depends on where he is, but i definitly know he Is Not Gay...
He has always been like that ever since he was a little kid and when we were growing up we were verry close, he is like a brother to me an i am verry proud to see him become what he is now..
that (Gay'O'meter) i have as n app for my phone. its just a scam an if you beleave it you guys are stupid**
  Mike Roche @ 2012-09-16 5 up,10 down
I really doubt your his cousin and he isn't gay. Look at the the signs: he sings those types of songs, where's gay clothing, cares about his hair, has weird songs on his iPod straight people wouldn't have like Ricki-Lee and alot of Justin Bieber. Plus he took up baton twirling or something and gets very awkward when he talks about girls. He's Gay!!!
  rich @ 2012-10-21 7 up,7 down
Jack's gay. I'm gay and my gaydar definitely says that Jack is 100% gay. My gaydar is always correct. It is totally OK that he is gay. Accept him as he is and enjoy his singing, his creativity and his talant. His voice is totally awesome!
  martin @ 2012-12-07 2 up,4 down
take a look at prince,mick jagger,pink.just because somebody acts femme or butch does not make him or her homosexual.
but i hope he is!!!!!
  tom @ 2012-12-16 14 up,5 down
Well his album is "yes I am". So....
  juddon @ 2013-01-14 12 up,3 down
He was asked and he said no. He is still a young boy and I find it disgusting the comments that grown men are making about this child. Let him mature and make that decision and all of you men that like little boys should leave him alone!
  christopher @ 2013-01-22 11 up,2 down
I think he is a great singer and it doesnt matter!

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