Is Jensen Ackles gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Jensen Ackles. Do you think Jensen Ackless sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Jensen Ackles Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Jensen Ackles is married to Danneel Harris (from May 2010-present)
  • Jensen Ackles dated Joanna Krupa (from Jan 2003-Jan 2005)

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    According to 1018 visitors Jensen Ackles is 65% gay.
    However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Jensen Ackles is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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      jess @ 2012-01-29 65 up,4 down
    If he's 100% straight, I'm a toaster.
      2+2=5 @ 2012-02-29 12 up,6 down
    Whoa. Swung by a SN fansite. Those fans are cray cray. Some are saying they think he is GAY... BUT TOO UPSTANDING TO EVER CHEAT ON HIS WIFE !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
      me thinks @ 2012-03-25 8 up,2 down
    he isn't choosey
      love jensen @ 2012-04-16 60 up,8 down
    He has a sexy lover: Jared Padalecki
      Jared @ 2012-05-24 18 up,7 down
    Jensen's such a hottie. I heard he likes moose.
      Meow @ 2012-06-24 19 up,1 down
    We didn't used to call him "gay Eric Brady" when he was on Days of Our Lives for nothing!
      jessie @ 2012-08-14 23 up,1 down
    I hope he's at least a little bi.Then there would be a little hope for us gay boys who are madly in love with him.
      lovejensen @ 2012-12-11 5 up,6 down
    i WISH he was gay, but i'm pretty sure he's straight on the 100% percent.
      vero @ 2012-12-14 61 up,4 down
    C'mon! He's gay! And don't give me the he's married bs, ever hear of bearding?

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