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  Ears14U @ 2011-12-08 1 up,1 down
What? The man is deceased, and was married twice! He died of lung cancer. And you people really think he was a gay man? Now understandable Freddy Mercury was!
  Vipmd @ 2012-03-22 0 up,1 down
He was a broadway performer and in some of his interviews I found him to be quite feminine. But he was a straight man and I'm sure he is with the lord.
  justin @ 2012-05-16 0 up,2 down
he's gay.
  Stacy @ 2012-07-23 2 up,1 down
Not gay. He passed away 12 years ago. Have some respect, people.
  Maranda @ 2012-08-08 0 up,0 down
He's not gay.
  Steve @ 2012-08-15 1 up,1 down
Doesn't matter if he was gay or not,but he was funny as hell.
  John @ 2012-08-17 2 up,0 down
He was brilliant. He was also straight. He was. Humerous to children & adults alike. He kept it clean. He had impecable timing, he was clever, good physical comedy, and. He didn't take himself too seriously. I miss his movies and commercials. Know what I mean Vern?
  Arran @ 2012-09-03 1 up,4 down
He was at least bisexual in his later life- I worked on three of his movies (Ernest Goes to School, Ernest Rides Again, and Slam Dunk Ernest), and his male companion was with him on those sets. BTW, I'm a gay man myself and he made no secret of his relationship, at least at that time...
  Anon @ 2013-01-11 0 up,0 down
Jim was one of my best friends and he was not gay.
  Companion @ 2013-01-11 0 up,1 down
Arran, I was his best friend and I assume that I am the "companion" you are talking about. We were just friends. Nothing more. Jim was not gay or bi.

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