Is Keanu Reeves gay or straight?

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Keanu Reeves is heterosexual / straight

Why people think Keanu Reeves is gay
Keanu Reeves said "There's nothing wrong with being gay, so to deny it is to make a judgment. And why make a big deal of it?"

Why people think Keanu Reeves is not gay
He used to had a girlfriend, Jennifer Syme. They had a stillborn daughter.
Keanu Reeves was rumored to be with Parker Posey (from Jan 2008-Jan 2008)
Keanu Reeves was rumored to be with China Chow (from Jan 2008-Jan 2008)
Keanu Reeves dated Jennifer Syme (from Jan 1999-Dec 2000)

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Keanu Reeves gaydar

According to 940 visitors Keanu Reeves is 62% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Keanu Reeves is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  Edward @ 2012-01-09 5 up,3 down
Big "Mo." Get over it.
  Kev @ 2012-01-28 12 up,9 down
He's not gay... The man was crushed when his fiance died in a car crash.

He has had a hard life be cool.
  TMF @ 2012-02-29 8 up,6 down
Totally not gay. I know several people who know Keanu and he dates women regularly. He was involved with Amanda De Cadent and Sophia Coppola for several years. Geesh dudes...
  @ 2012-02-29 4 up,2 down
Sofia Coppola still obsesses over him and borderline stalks him, even though he broke up with her ages ago.
  Sierra Francine Depp @ 2012-05-02 13 up,5 down
I knew him personally when River Phoenix was still alive. I knew him as leaning more gay though he seemed to be o.k. w/the idea of being w/women at that time.Being openly gay at that time was not as accepted as it is now.I know that he's dated women and maybe even been married to one.I believe she died in a car accident.So sorry.I believe he's one of a very small group that maybe truly believes ,"Love knows NO gender."You Love who you love.Open,Bi?Most searches on this topic will state straight because of known girlfriends he's dated.Many gays have dated women or surround themselves until at some point maybe they come out of the closet.Most ppl see same sex relationships as an indicator of being strictly homosexual even if the person's dated the opposite sex.Some say confused.Some say in denial.Some say in fear and in the closet.Many believe you have to be either or and not both.Many gays hold this belief system and don't accept Bi sexuality.Keanu is a sweet generous soul.I think he's just equally open to share his love as generously.The world is a scary judgemental place a lot.Being open can be damaging to one's carreer or personal life.I believe I saw another site claiming Keanu is most definately gay because he supposedly married Alan Cummings?It wouldn't surprise me if it is true.Who cares? He's still talented and a beautiful person inside and out.If he chooses sides than some fantasies might get squished but hey, if he's bi,everyone can dream.
  Beernutz @ 2012-05-05 5 up,13 down
He's not gay, he just bipolar
  London @ 2012-06-21 11 up,9 down
Ok , you all ready for this .... When I was living in London a fashion designer friend invite to a weekend in Paris... Well who was also our my friends house but keanu and his bf at the time..... We all drank wine into the late hours and I can tell u ... He didn't sleep alone that night....

  Charlie @ 2012-11-04 20 up,8 down
Never married. Never dates women. Was totally in love with River Phoenix. My guess? Totally gay
  Richard @ 2013-01-01 26 up,4 down
In all seriousness Keanu Reeves transcends gay-straight distinctions and epitomizes the very best in human love. He is one of the most spiritually beautiful men of our time and we are all blessed to live on this earth while he is with us.
  Ronald @ 2013-01-12 7 up,4 down
Keanu might be straight, but I'm uncertain about which he is and didn't think about it until now that some have brought up the matter. Anyhow, just because he was "crushed" when his fiance died doesn't make him not gay(for argument's sake). A lot of closeted "gay" men & women are married to the opposite sex, sometimes until the day they die. However, many end up in divorce, and those with children, especially after the kids have finished sr. high school. And a lot of closeted cases date the opposite s*x(this site forbids spelling out the word which is stupid in the context used) sometimes, because society has confused them or pressured them into self unacceptance of who they are. There are also faked relationships between gay & straight, called lavender marriages, or as boyfriend or girlfriend.

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