Is Lady Gaga gay or straight?

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Lady Gaga is bisexual

Why people think Lady Gaga is gay
Lady Gaga is dating Luc Carl (from July 2010-present)
Lady Gaga is rumored to be with Taylor Kinney (from Oct 2011-present)
Lady Gaga dated Luc Carl (from Jan 2007-Jan 2008)

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According to 1338 visitors Lady Gaga is 61% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Lady Gaga is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  @ 2012-01-04 14 up,2 down
Haha not exactly sure what height had to do with this.. but she's bi, not straight.
  @ 2012-01-04 16 up,2 down
She's actually bi.
  @ 2012-03-21 11 up,2 down
She is very open about her preferences..
  Lizzie @ 2012-04-15 4 up,8 down
How is she more straight than Tom Kaulitz? Tom is a womanized haha and Lady Gaga is bi!!! WtF
  anne @ 2012-05-20 13 up,23 down
why she is bi , when she only dated men?
  Luzz @ 2012-07-03 8 up,3 down
Anne, she was girlfriends when she was young, but only put the boys because the girl don´t know the names :) according Gaga, she is Bi, like Jessie J, too
  Monster @ 2012-08-12 9 up,1 down
Lady Gaga has been dating Taylor Kinney since August 2011, her on/off relationship with Lüc Carl ended early 2011.
  @ 2012-08-12 5 up,3 down
  @ 2012-08-18 11 up,13 down
She's straight. She's said she's open, but she's NEVER dated a girl and at the moment she's dating Taylor kinney(and has been for a year.)
  Sarah @ 2012-08-22 13 up,6 down
She really needs her own category.
  JamesD @ 2012-09-10 9 up,31 down
Her own category should be freak.
  Kristen @ 2012-10-15 6 up,2 down
Wow, how original are you..
  @ 2012-10-23 10 up,4 down
She says she likes woman for the sex.
  HaRrY @ 2012-11-04 19 up,5 down
A category for freak? Lol it really does astound me as to how immature people are... Freak or not, the amount that she does for this world through charity and humanitarian work is beyond that of any other in the music industry; show some fukcing respect for those that do FAR more for the world than you ever will. :) kthxbai
  Sarah @ 2012-11-24 8 up,2 down
She said so herself, she's bi
  Eric @ 2012-12-23 16 up,6 down
I love her
The bisexual just showers how deep and caring she can be
She cares about more than physical beauty; but she is beautiful
I looooove this woman
  Shae @ 2013-01-06 3 up,9 down
Um, @Harry you are right she is not a freak and a great perosn for the work she has done but the entertainer who's done the most charity and humanitarian work was and always has been Michael Jackson.... he denoted over 300 million dollars in his lifetime, opeedn his home Neverland to thousands of underpriveled and disabled children and saved literally millions of lives with the activism and more money he's done and given in the fight against issues like poverty and world hunger.... this is common fact.

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