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According to 414 visitors Melissa Suzanne McBride is 45% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Melissa Suzanne McBride is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  curious @ 2012-06-29 11 up,1 down
how do you know that she is straight? How can you trust the source that posted she is straight?
  @ 2012-09-11 12 up,15 down
See wasn't gay i n 1985..I know that for a fact....
  @ 2012-09-23 6 up,6 down
She has been spotted in Atlanta with a sinister-looking overdressed bald man. So maybe she is straight but has (very) bad taste in men.
  @ 2012-10-04 8 up,3 down
Wasn't he just a friend? Maybe she has a lots of friends... As I know she has a wonderful friendship with Norman Reedus. So who knows...
  @ 2012-11-18 10 up,8 down
she was 19/20 in '85- many many lesbians don't realize their sexuality until their 30s. I still think she's a lesbian. Most performers who are lesbians are super quiet about their personal lives if they're not straight. plus, i get the vibe from her.
  Dude @ 2012-11-25 28 up,14 down
I've been friends with her for years. She is definitely not gay. Don't stereotype her because of her hair.
  @ 2012-11-25 6 up,8 down
Wish she was, ok if she isn't !
  @ 2012-11-26 14 up,8 down
Dude nobody mentioned her hair. you are the one stereotyping because of hair. (I'm a guy) most of the lesbians i know have long hair, so that's an old stereotype. i get a sort of bi or open feeling from Melissa Mcbride. I've met her a lot of times. Not because of hair but she has a body language that is different than most heterosexual women. Can't describe it.
  Kris @ 2013-01-02 14 up,7 down
Well in her biography she has never been married or anything. Which is unusual. So it got me thinking maybe there is something else. Then when on The Walking D. she said she wasn't a lesbian, It got me thinking more. She is hot, in her 40's, nice smile. She doesn't have anybody. To me I must say she is Bi or Pansexual. I don't get a heterosexual thing from her. I must say I do want her to hook up with Norman Reedus and I am a homosexual, I love women. She just seems a bit curious.

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