Is Mitt Romney gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Mitt Romney.
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Mitt Romney is heterosexual / straight

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Mitt Romney gaydar

According to 459 visitors Mitt Romney is 72% gay.
The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Mitt Romney has been voted highly gay.

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  Rumour Mill @ 2012-08-09 3 up,6 down
Based on the circles he mixes with its possible..
  @ 2012-08-13 8 up,36 down
hes straight Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!!!!! lets get obama out of office and mitt in office Romney/Ryan 2012
  Bubba @ 2012-10-13 42 up,7 down
He is the worst thing possible for America.
  Chowdah @ 2012-10-16 8 up,36 down
Romney/Ryan 2012.. send Obama to Europe where he can rule over all of the socialist dullards.
  Mormonic @ 2012-10-25 44 up,9 down
Romney is a complete and utter douche. He's in a UFO cult to boot. Send him back to Utah where he and his magic underwear can redefine marriage to be between one man and a dozen women. Except that he won't because he's totally gay.
  Richard @ 2013-01-03 52 up,2 down
Why was there a coverup about his "special" underwear?

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