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According to 482 visitors Roshon Fegan is 56% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Roshon Fegan is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  @ 2012-03-13 0 up,2 down
Roshon isn't Gay (;
  @ 2012-03-13 0 up,1 down
He is my future husband (;
  Big top @ 2012-03-20 2 up,1 down
He's a big ol Powerbottom and can hardly wait till he gays out so can tap that!
  john @ 2012-04-02 0 up,1 down
Gay! But all good, he can handle the presure. Kids today don't care.
  lissette @ 2012-04-08 0 up,0 down
In my opinion i realy dont know if hes gay? but i hope nott hes so cute(;
  Mr Jones @ 2012-04-17 0 up,1 down
he's very gay but still young enough where he's still exploring his options.
  Mrs. Jones @ 2012-04-20 0 up,2 down
No, he's not gay. He's just youthful, happy and bubbly and a good guy! He's okay in my book!
  laura @ 2012-04-25 0 up,1 down
he is MY future husband and so he is NOT gay! get it RIGHT!
  Artes Lavenda @ 2012-04-27 0 up,0 down
He is engaged to cody Linley
  Zak @ 2012-05-02 0 up,0 down
Roshon is so cute, but his mannerisms are truly gay....
  Hayley @ 2012-05-04 0 up,1 down
Totally not. If he was why did he post a pic of his gf at the pool?
  lil b @ 2012-05-24 0 up,1 down
he is not gay boy
  Jacob @ 2012-05-27 2 up,0 down
okay if hes gay hes gay if hes straight hes straight i mean personally i am okay wahtever sexuallity he is welll thats coming from a gay person but anyway if hes gay hes just being himself
  ELIJAH @ 2012-06-05 0 up,0 down
whats up ro
  lauritz @ 2012-06-13 0 up,0 down
In my opinion I say he's straight
  chyna @ 2012-07-10 1 up,0 down
he is very cute not gay
  Nina @ 2012-07-30 0 up,0 down
He is not gay!!! He is my celeb crush!!!! I love u Roshon fegan :D
  Joey D @ 2012-08-14 4 up,0 down
I hate to burst all you doubters,Roshon Fegan is Gay. I know first hand. I work for disney productions.
  davina @ 2012-08-15 0 up,0 down
Roshon Fegan is not gay... The thing about people is the judge people who they never met.... I hate how people say that he is gay!!!!! That boy is not gay...
  Michael @ 2012-12-16 1 up,0 down
Okay, I get you want to defend him, but being gay isn't bad, and he can do whatever he wants, I think he is adorable. And I wish he was gay, but it doesn't matter? I mean he's still talented and cute and stuff :)
  @ 2013-01-12 1 up,0 down
Davina. U tell us not to judge him cuz we havent met him. Then u called him straight which is judgement. If u didnt want to judge him u would b ok with him no matter what gender(s) he likes

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