Is Roshon Fegan gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Roshon Fegan. Do you think Roshon Fegans sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Roshon Fegan Is heterosexual / straight

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According to 440 visitors Roshon Fegan is 55% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Roshon Fegan is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  @ 2012-03-13 0 up,2 down
Roshon isn't Gay (;
  @ 2012-03-13 0 up,1 down
He is my future husband (;
  Big top @ 2012-03-20 1 up,1 down
He's a big ol Powerbottom and can hardly wait till he gays out so can tap that!
  john @ 2012-04-02 0 up,1 down
Gay! But all good, he can handle the presure. Kids today don't care.
  lissette @ 2012-04-08 0 up,0 down
In my opinion i realy dont know if hes gay? but i hope nott hes so cute(;
  Mr Jones @ 2012-04-17 0 up,1 down
he's very gay but still young enough where he's still exploring his options.
  Mrs. Jones @ 2012-04-20 0 up,2 down
No, he's not gay. He's just youthful, happy and bubbly and a good guy! He's okay in my book!
  laura @ 2012-04-25 0 up,1 down
he is MY future husband and so he is NOT gay! get it RIGHT!
  Artes Lavenda @ 2012-04-27 0 up,0 down
He is engaged to cody Linley
  Zak @ 2012-05-02 0 up,0 down
Roshon is so cute, but his mannerisms are truly gay....
  Hayley @ 2012-05-04 0 up,1 down
Totally not. If he was why did he post a pic of his gf at the pool?
  lil b @ 2012-05-24 0 up,1 down
he is not gay boy
  Jacob @ 2012-05-27 2 up,0 down
okay if hes gay hes gay if hes straight hes straight i mean personally i am okay wahtever sexuallity he is welll thats coming from a gay person but anyway if hes gay hes just being himself
  ELIJAH @ 2012-06-05 0 up,0 down
whats up ro
  lauritz @ 2012-06-13 0 up,0 down
In my opinion I say he's straight
  chyna @ 2012-07-10 1 up,0 down
he is very cute not gay
  Nina @ 2012-07-30 0 up,0 down
He is not gay!!! He is my celeb crush!!!! I love u Roshon fegan :D
  Joey D @ 2012-08-14 3 up,0 down
I hate to burst all you doubters,Roshon Fegan is Gay. I know first hand. I work for disney productions.
  davina @ 2012-08-15 0 up,0 down
Roshon Fegan is not gay... The thing about people is the judge people who they never met.... I hate how people say that he is gay!!!!! That boy is not gay...
  Michael @ 2012-12-16 0 up,0 down
Okay, I get you want to defend him, but being gay isn't bad, and he can do whatever he wants, I think he is adorable. And I wish he was gay, but it doesn't matter? I mean he's still talented and cute and stuff :)
  @ 2013-01-12 0 up,0 down
Davina. U tell us not to judge him cuz we havent met him. Then u called him straight which is judgement. If u didnt want to judge him u would b ok with him no matter what gender(s) he likes

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