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According to 4334 visitors Ross Lynch is 57% gay.
However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Ross Lynch is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

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  L.WALCOTT @ 2012-05-15 39 up,30 down
  Taylor @ 2012-07-26 49 up,64 down
He's not gay he has had girlfriends.
  Barney @ 2012-08-19 47 up,24 down
Having girlfriends is not a good answer. Rock Hudson had girlfriends. He comes across pretty gay, especially that limp wrist.
  billy @ 2012-08-28 60 up,27 down
no matter if he is or not,he is sooo hot.yummy,if he was gay i would love for him ta be my boyfriend.
  jake @ 2012-09-10 54 up,33 down
Well he does look very gay... Getting his hair more blonde by dying it, he wears an excesive amount of pink for a "straight" guy. His vocal tone is very weird, for some reason he supposedly checks tumblr with his name tagged and well... I could be wrong but to me he is bisex.
  Aliya @ 2012-09-17 44 up,10 down
He is hooot
  Kiowa @ 2012-09-22 23 up,34 down
I believe he is not gay because the way he acts and sound is little bit girly but I believe his not......
  cutie pie @ 2012-09-24 26 up,32 down
i think his gay possibly bi, because like come on he wears pink, even if you just like it boys shouldn't wear it if they don't want to be seen gay, but then again i look like he likes laura marano. they would be cute together.
- cutie pie
  Foofy @ 2012-10-13 16 up,57 down
Sorry girls. Ross is mine!!!
  christian @ 2012-10-14 37 up,41 down
ross lynch is not gay
  LaTaj @ 2012-10-21 31 up,22 down
I think he is probably bysexual or something.. look at this video and tell me if he is gay or not. Just look at what he is wearing.. do boys wear this?:
  Josh @ 2012-10-23 39 up,15 down
Just ask Noah Centineo. ;)
  Kyra @ 2012-10-29 29 up,39 down
He is Not gay!!!this kinda annoyed me...coz hes clearly not..
  Me @ 2012-10-30 31 up,40 down
He is gay and mine
  Bi Guy @ 2012-11-03 28 up,18 down
He is either very flamboyant, or he's Bi.

Seriously, too many bi guys coming up from our generation. ^^
(1995 kid here)
  Noah @ 2012-11-03 33 up,6 down
Definitely the most *able boy of the year.
  Lucas @ 2012-11-04 19 up,8 down
Have you ever noticed that girls always say hot celebs ppl think are gay arent, like for sure defend them no dought in their mind not gay, c'mon, its 2012, theres a high chance that at least a couple of hot celebs are gay/Bi
  Raedeisha @ 2012-11-05 17 up,27 down
He is soooo not guy he FINE!
  Lauren @ 2012-11-10 26 up,38 down
I can't believe this website actually put this question up!!! HE IS NOT GAY IM A BIG FAN AND I KNOW THAT HE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!! Just because he wears a lot of pink , his hair and his voice doesn't make him gay . Lots of guys wear pink , it's a colour for boys and girls not just girls , so what if he dyes his hair ! I love his hair ! And his voice , ok maybe he has got a high tone voice .. He's not ONLY BOY IN THE WORLD so does justin bieber !!
I think he's a FANTASTIC SINGER , he's also in a band . OH AND BTW HE'S
WAY HOTTERRRR THAN DUSTBIN BEAVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( justin beiber )
  amber @ 2012-11-10 13 up,26 down
Whoever jake is.... u dont know him so u cant judge him and plus u said his vocal tone is u spend listening to ross lynch music?HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GAY GUYS?IT TAKES A GAY GUY TO KNOW A GAY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hes to sexy to be gay anyway)
  monkey @ 2012-11-14 28 up,5 down
only ross knows for sure. 54% seems to think he's at least curious. ;)
if that gets him more fans, I think Ross will encourage the thought.
  Chelsea @ 2012-11-14 12 up,25 down
Ross is very sexy and btw he has a huge crush on Laura Marono so HE CANT BE GAY!!!!!!
  aallyyiawz @ 2012-11-18 17 up,22 down
He is not gay i think that he is not and im olny 11
  austin @ 2012-11-22 14 up,16 down
gotta go with the majority - however slight. gay.
  Kaleb @ 2012-11-24 6 up,20 down
I agree with Jake because his volcole course sounds weird and stupid and guys doesn't wear pink
  Johan @ 2012-11-24 18 up,14 down
I think he is. Boys can wear pink but he wears way to much. His whole style is just weird. I could be wrong. All my opinion
  Who Else Could it Be @ 2012-12-10 12 up,16 down
What is wrong with these boys ALWAYS calling other FAMOUS (unlinke them) guys gay? Are they jealous because they get more girls than they would In a lifetime? If you we're famous, would you like it if other guys called you gay? And to me as a girl who gets guys, I think that pink is pretty cute on a guy. And personally, especially blondes and brunettes :)

This is MY opinion, but I seriously wonder what's up with guys these days.
  Justin @ 2012-12-18 27 up,3 down
Who cares if he is or he is'nt, He's super chill super positive and super nice to everyone. He would give you the shirt off his back. Besides the line between gay and straight is pretty much not there anymore, everyone has there time and place- Peace
  Bruce @ 2012-12-18 14 up,10 down
Okay just a few things i would like to note, just because he is hot doesn't mean hes straight, if a guy wears pink, it doesn't mean hes gay. I think that if a guy is famous, straight guys tend to make comments that he is gay. And when a famous guy is called gay, girls instantly make claims that he isnt. i honestly dont know if he is or isnt, but i do think he is bisexual.
  Mayou @ 2012-12-22 16 up,17 down
Ross Lynch is not gay.
I vote 0%.
M.Pokora is very gay !!!!
For M.Pokora vote 100%. He needs your votes (for the 100 %) and Ross needs your votes for 0 %
  Eric @ 2012-12-23 26 up,1 down
Omg he's a cutie
  Zakk @ 2012-12-25 30 up,15 down
He's too hot to be straight. We all know straight guys are ugly.
  Someone @ 2013-01-03 13 up,5 down
=~= it doesn't matter if he is gay, bi, or straight the point is that he is human. And he has many fans who have different sexual orientations and wish to be he is friend, his number one fan, his relationship partner, his stalker, his etc. the main point is we all love/like him except the ones that hate/dislike/notcare
The End :3
  Jimmee @ 2013-01-13 17 up,5 down
i think he is close to biosexual but hey he does wear a lot of pink im not saying thats bad but still and he does have a really high voice and his hair is highly blonde i dont think hes super gay but he is super sexy but its all my opinion just sayen
  Liz @ 2013-01-14 14 up,15 down
Okay, he's not gay everyone. For those that think just because he wears pink he's gay- sounds kind of racist don't you think? Not all guys love blue and like all the 'boy' colors. His favorite color is yellow, and yes he may wear pink underwear, shirts, and socks, but that doesn't mean he's gay. I'm proving my point here. I agree, he's hot. XD His vocal pitch is fine, btw. Anyway, adios.
  Liz @ 2013-01-14 13 up,9 down
Also I'd like to add, he does NOT dye his hair. Confirmed by Ross himself. Thank you for your time and shut up with the comments that he's SOOO gay because he wears PINK. PLEASE. I find it somewhat offensive.
  Aimee @ 2013-01-17 13 up,6 down
How do you know he's gay? How do you know he's straight? None of us actually know him. Until he confirms publicly that he is gay or straight - or bi - we do not know.
  kati @ 2013-01-22 12 up,13 down
no hes not gay or his voice would sound weird and he would act weird
  bob @ 2013-01-30 16 up,20 down
he is so gay because im his boyfriend
  Join @ 2013-02-01 13 up,7 down
He is a teenager. His voice will sound weird--higher pitched. And the fact that his voice is recorded...means we do not hear what he truly sounds like. Pink has nothing to with being gay anymore. Having girlfriends does not mean anything either. Not gay...!

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