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According to 211 visitors Ted Bessell is 46% gay.
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  pamhlady @ 2012-05-04 7 up,29 down
I would hate to think that Ted Bessell was a homosexual. yes, that is what it is called -- not gay. there is nothing carefree or happy-go-lucky about the homosexual lifestyle. According to the Bible, you won't find homosexuals in heaven. So maybe you need to think twice on even discussing the "sexual choices" of people.
  Tom @ 2012-05-21 14 up,6 down
You're an under-developed, extremely ignorant prejudiced person Pam--what chapter of the KKK do you belong to? Do they let creepy hateful bigots into heaven too, per "The Bible". You need help, lady
  SDTerp @ 2012-06-26 6 up,9 down
You won't find people like you in heaven either...since it's make believe. Do you still believe in the tooth fairy, the boogie man, Santa Claus and other childhood stories? For the record, it's called being gay. You see, it's not okay for the oppressors to name the oppressed group. In fact, all people are allowed to name themselves now. That's why words like kike, wop, nip and spic are considered unacceptable and why I can't call you c*nt, because even though I don't know you and I disagree with you, I respect you too much to call you something that you wouldn't personally approve.
  Clett06 @ 2012-07-17 6 up,2 down
I don't believe Ted was a homosixual as he was married 3 times and had 2 daughters.
  @ 2012-07-17 6 up,2 down
Well, He was married 3 times and had 2 daughters.
  Jon @ 2012-07-22 2 up,9 down
Married 3 times, guess that makes Donald an adulter, not a homose*ual. Adulter's aren't suppose to be in heaven either, if there was such a place. When people die, they do not go any where but in the ground to rot. It's called, "non-being."
  james @ 2012-11-02 8 up,3 down
I thought this was a link to an actual site - Pam Tom SDT and Jon, do you know how ridiculous your extremist hateful comments sound to the rest of the world? Such compelling and original arguments about how 'gays are sinners' and how ' god is a fairy tale' - you are all bigots (that means you are intolerant of lots of different things)... you know that, right?... ... and that silly little note under the comment box saying that disrespectful posts like yours will be removed... phhft

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