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  lol @ 2012-02-29 0 up,1 down
So the nun does not deny that she is a middle age virgin cat lady, with no understanding of males or what the hell she is talking about! LMAO! Good to know. Cat Lady - no amount of Cosmo reading will let you understand men!
  @ 2012-02-29 0 up,0 down
Even if she is a woman, I still don't understand. Did she not go to college? Did she go to some Mormon school or something?
  Mark @ 2012-03-01 0 up,3 down
Did someone just write DAVID KELLY???! Stop tormenting me with that man! I want him so much I hurt all over and want to cry!
  @ 2012-03-05 0 up,8 down
Gay. Duh. I guess it's some kind of inside joke letting gay men play Superman cause everyone thinks he's gay anyway.
  Flávio @ 2012-11-11 5 up,0 down
He's not gay, trust me I wish, but he's not. Funny how the hotter the guy is the more certian of his homossexuality some (some as in MANY) gay guys are. It's a wordwide thig really, here in Brazil the gay guys just don't care to know if a not-so-attractive actor is gay or not, but if he is one the hunks on Brazilian TV, boy...! is every gay guy in Brazil are absolutely sure he's gay. It's like a ratio: "if the guy is hot we are 100% sure he is gay, but if he's not hot,meh... what do we care...!" It's called wishful thinking.
  Eva @ 2012-11-11 7 up,1 down
He's not gay.

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