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Why people think Justin Bieber is not gay
On youtube he says it doesn't make sense people call him gay, because he is around girls all the time
Justin Bieber is dating Selena Gomez (from Jan 2011-Jan 2013)
Justin Bieber was rumored to be with Jasmine Villegas (from July 2010-Nov 2010)
Justin Bieber was rumored to be with Mariah Yeater (from Oct 2010-Oct 2010)
Justin Bieber was rumored to be with Emma Watson (from Aug 2010-Aug 2010)
Justin Bieber dated Kristen Rodeheaver (from June 2009-June 2009)
Justin Bieber dated Caitlin Beadles (from Jan 2007-July 2008)

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According to 49906 visitors Justin Bieber is 81% gay.
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  Mario @ 2011-11-06 302 up,240 down
He is really awesome, seems gay, and I mean it in a good way, I love him. If he is gay I wish he would come out...
  Unknown @ 2011-11-24 232 up,112 down
Yo, I'm straight, so I know, he acts weird when people ask him about the rumors he's gay.
  Nicole @ 2011-12-12 194 up,62 down
Him singing about relationships looks as premature as 11 year old girls dressed like 23 year old streetwalkers.
  Realtalk @ 2011-12-24 215 up,57 down
I think he is gay but he is in the spot lot and he cant reveal himself cause he might loose his fan base. I think he is a zombie people telling him what to do
  Delia @ 2012-01-01 332 up,57 down
I think he pays Selena Gomez to date him so people can think he's straight or maybe the two of them play dolls together.
  Horst Verner @ 2012-01-05 168 up,85 down
Justin Bieber is very gay.!!!! I think he is a nice person though, pitty he cant sing though. He sounds like the gay James Blunt. They both screech.!!!! Other than that I think he's a nice person. I sing myself people think I am good but I an no Lionel Ritchie - Michael Buble - Michael Bolton
or James Ingram they know how to sing not Bieber he screeches
  victor @ 2012-01-18 129 up,36 down
we will see in the next five or ten years about beiber
  Lux @ 2012-01-25 131 up,299 down
100% Straight. People who think otherwise aren't thinking it through all the way. Just one glimpse of happiness from a good looking boy and he's gay? Get your facts straight peeps
  Dennis @ 2012-01-26 221 up,38 down
He can date hundreds of girls if that's what his managers suggest, but it won't change a thing.
  sherrigirl @ 2012-01-27 93 up,40 down
He so fem looking! There is a girl singer who is his doppleganger. She was on Americas got talent and wowed em singing her version of baby baby. They could literally do a ma

  brandon @ 2012-03-18 216 up,57 down
iam gay/bi and i can see other gay people. justin bieber is gay and he will come out in the next five to ten years.
  Ben @ 2012-03-25 164 up,38 down
Without a doubt, Justin is gay. Nothing wrong with that. I suspect a lot of entertainers are gay, but too scared to come out or fear of it affecting their careers. Usher is gay, too.
  Rob @ 2012-04-09 101 up,66 down
I'm gay and he is definitely gay but who cares what he his. He us a nice guy
  @ 2012-05-02 34 up,262 down
  Bella @ 2012-05-09 111 up,29 down
justin bieber's is so guy..I've know this for quit a long time...
Someday he will come out of the closet...
Just hopping he doesn't wait as long as Ricky Martin did...
And That The Bottom Line...
  Mike B @ 2012-05-18 30 up,194 down
He has Selena Gomez , me thinks y'all jealous
  Marie @ 2012-05-30 55 up,99 down
He's straight. He's just a poser that 13 year old girls like because he's an extremely femmenine poser.Selena is a smart business woman who's using him to get more attention I mean Duh! Its obviously working
  Jack @ 2012-06-03 152 up,22 down
Having a girlfriend does not equate to not being gay. He is so deep in the closet, it's sad.

It's not being jealous, it's just common sense....which, sadly, his fans do not have in abundance.
  Dornfeld @ 2012-06-05 39 up,106 down
I don't think he's gay and I also hope he really isn't, because for some reason I wouldn't like if he was. From my point of experience, he's not really the "gay type" - he's more like the secretly-nose-picking and otherwise clueless type, 18 years old (as of 2012) and none the wiser than he was 6 years ago, drifting on the surface of life wherever it flows. Prejudging from what he's said and done, combined with his general naiveté, there still seems to be hope for him to become an intelligent person (although I personally doubt it to happen, because as of now he seems more of a rake, a bon viveur, unknowledgeable, careless & easily forgettable - no offense, really). It's OK to have fun being alive and enjoying life, but I'd hope he was wiser & more forethoughtful (no matter if he was gay or not). Actually, this goes for everyone else likewise.
  NOONE @ 2012-06-07 57 up,21 down
look people their is a 50% chance any celb is gay an just cause they have a girlfriend dont mean nothing I mean before Elton John came out he had girlfriends an even engaged an I thin Tyler has a point cause with the instals JB all ya got to do is flip them around an I think everyone knows lol
  Sara @ 2012-06-15 109 up,25 down
I discovered this site, and the first thing I did is coming on this page.
P.s.: definitely gay.
  Anonymous @ 2012-06-23 30 up,102 down
OMG, GET OVER YOURSELVES ! Whenever someone becomes succesful, he is automatically deemed gay! and i dont think its anones business if he is gay (which he will tell us if he is)! Calling him gay will not make you feel any better about yourself! P.S - As long as someoe is not putting their gay moves on you or your beau, leave them alone!
  Leabee @ 2012-07-08 26 up,89 down
Straight and boring. Gayness is wishful thinking from the gay male crowd.
  Hannah @ 2012-07-08 23 up,81 down
Just because he sounded like a girl doesn't mean he's gay. I bet half the people commenting on here saying he's is, probably are gay.
  JC @ 2012-07-11 78 up,16 down
I agree with Joe. His handlers, have him publicly dating cute girls/women, so that he can sell more albums. He'll come out of the closet, after he's sold a few hundred million more albums. Why because he is a gay, and, like Sebastian Bach, must hide his gayness or be ridiculed. It's that simple people!
  Henriette @ 2012-07-11 63 up,19 down
You have to be really really young, or just sheltered not to know that all Justin does with Selena is pose in front of cameras to fool you. You cannot be a boy that looks, sounds, and behaves like a girl, and not be gay, or maybe biologically part female.
  Jesse @ 2012-07-27 69 up,14 down
He is so queer and if you cannot see that it is either because you dont want to, or because you are just too blind to see it! People are not calling him gay because they hate him, they are just pointing out the obvious!! Oh and as for salena gomez she is just his BEARD, if you have not heard of the expression look it up and see how many of your fav straight actors have one!!! Ciao
  megan @ 2012-08-06 23 up,99 down
come on guys hes clearly not gay he has a girlfriend
  Xoom5000 @ 2012-09-22 44 up,25 down
He sure seems gay to me. The person who made the comment about how he answers the question is where I think he cannot hide the truth. The truth is I think he hasn't accepted it himself yet. He's a good person though and I think he will admit it when he's ready and not only to just get it out. He'll do it to help other gay teens and the gay community in general. I love 'em and I think he's a gift to humanity.
  Smile @ 2012-09-27 67 up,12 down
when Selena was asked about dating JB her reply was "ewww no" "he's like a brother and I would never date my brother"..twice she said "eww no" on Ellen D's show. These 2 were thrown together to jumpstart her career, which it did. JB is 1000% gay AND he can't sing!
  @ 2012-09-30 76 up,9 down
Justin Bieber is so gay. I definitley get the gay vibe from him. I believe he's the next Ricki Martin.
  Millie Not Vanillie @ 2012-10-20 65 up,9 down
What famous teen locks himself into a so called real relationship at that age when they can date anyone they want? A gay one trying to keep a straight profile.
  Peter @ 2012-10-26 38 up,6 down
I'd say "Jesse" from 7/27 probably hit the mark closest. Those not
in the know should know that "beard" refers to someone willingly
posing as a girlfriend or boyfriend to avoid rumors.
and I don't understand the constant playing around with his hair color
and length. Some might regard that as a gay thing.
  Mantracker @ 2012-11-12 54 up,12 down
speaking for everyone with gaydar hes def gay. dont let your lust and ignorance blind you. let the kid be he will come out when hes ready. or just pull a John Travolta...

Gays is good

  Brian @ 2012-11-25 30 up,16 down
Love the flying of rumors. First of all, if he is gay that is cool and I think he needs to come out. I do believe that celebrities do have an obligation to their LGBT fans to come out and show that gay is normal.
  herman herman @ 2012-11-26 49 up,6 down
U guys must remember that micheal jackso once dated brooke shield,
Does it mean that he is straight........hohohoho
  Autymn D. C. @ 2012-11-30 48 up,10 down
As Smile said: when Selena was asked about dating JB her reply was "ewww no" "he's like a brother and I would never date my brother"..twice she said "eww no" on Ellen D's show. These 2 were thrown together to jumpstart her career, which it did. JB is 1000% gay AND he can't sing!"

Everyone do yourself a favor and look at George Michael.

Justin Bieber dates a girl so other girls can leave him alone. He and Selena Gomez are in a fake relationship as merkin and beard; both of them are queer. They are only together in public. As for Mike's quote, yes, he's out with girls and girls are his friends (whom he calls "guys") as queer males often are.

Justin Bieber is not a role model. He has only one good song, and that one sounds like a rip of New Kids on the Block. He has no talent, his songs are lazy and belong on a nursery show, his only fans are young naive girls who don't know the industry, and he's a hoax-worshipper.
  Dax @ 2012-12-06 43 up,28 down
@Mario Ok, listen. I'm a bisexual guy. Knowing that, it may surprise you that I am SO sick of people talking about "coming out." Who cares? When is the last time a straight person came to you and said "Mario, you need to sit down, I have to tell you something. I'm hetero!" It's no-ones business but your own and your partners. If you choose to tell your family, that's okay by me, too, but by no means necessary. I'm just so sick of this coming out thing...Why would you want to subject yourself to the incredible amount of bias from homophobes? Seriously...what benefit do you get from it? I assume you'll say "If he's a celebrity, his coming out will encourage others to be comfortable with themselves." I hope you wouldn't say that, because that would be nonsense. Suppose Justin is gay, which I doubt, and "comes out." Some teeny-bopping talent-less passing fad saying they're gay is going to do one thing - encourage others to do the same. When those gay or bisexual people kill themselves because of bullying or are martyred by getting the Matt Shepherd treatment, who is going to be to blame?

Gays, bi's, lesbians, stop this nonsense! Revealing your sexuality is not going to improve the world or reduce homophobia - it's going to make you a target. The only people I've shared my sexuality with are my partners (sexual or dating, since many women are inexplicably turned off by bi men - I want to be honest up front), the few friends I trust enough to not go around revealing my preferences (in case, for example, I want someone to be able to comment on a hot chick or a hot dude to, or go to a club with if they, too, are gay/bi/whatever), and my immediate family (so it's not a surprise if I come home with either gender one day). As for anyone else, no-one who isn't directly involved in my life needs to know. A celebrity publicly revealing their sexuality, that would be (and is, in cases where it's happened) totally foolish. They make themselves targets.

And, just so I have a relevant comment in here, my opinion is that he is probably not gay. It seems like a ridiculous and worthless amount of trouble to be seen with Whats-her-face if they didn't have some type of relationship going. He does have a nice sense of style, he's cute (not hot, not handsome, cute), so I guess, stereotypically, I see why some people assume he's homosexual. I'd say definitely not. Now, could he be bisexual? That I see as a FAR greater likelihood.
  Gayslayer @ 2012-12-19 42 up,14 down
He was fired from his job at a local fudge packing plant.
  Autymn D. C. @ 2012-12-20 22 up,4 down
Dax, what do you know about celebrities? It'd be more trouble for him if he weren't seen with someone. And his faith is a good excuse [for his fans] not to sleep with girls.
  Jay Kennedy @ 2012-12-28 41 up,8 down
He is so fake when he is singing, he uses so much auto tune it is unreal. I believe he is gay and just hiding it, come out of the closet Justin and be real.
  Richard @ 2013-01-02 30 up,11 down
He seems like such a sweet kid but he is so obviously gay. I feel sorry for him being forced into such a public straight role before he was old enough to figure it all out. I hope he comes through all of this misplaced fame without too much emotional damage. One night with the right guy and he will know his true orientation beyond doubt.
  MAZ @ 2013-01-02 37 up,5 down
If you don't think he's gay, you haven't seen his instagram pictures. He purposely does the faces teenage girls typically do in their "self shots" for instagram or any social networks. Also, the ridiculous amount of vanity in taking 2-5 self shots a day for Instagram and making sure he looks absolutely perfect in each is very disturbing for just a teenage guy who is supposedly straight. Go check it out for yourselves then come back here and vote accordingly :)
  me @ 2013-01-03 29 up,7 down
I don't know, but that picture is definitely gay.
  Shae @ 2013-01-06 25 up,6 down
Effeminate? How is he effeminate? Gay maybe but girly no.... I only suspect he's gay because when he's asked at interviews he acts all weird and gets quiet.... but I suppose that could be because he doesn't want to offend any one, though i don't know how he'd do that. Or maybe he's tryna find the right words so it doesn't slip. Who cares, I gjve the kid 5 years, after that he'll either be playing in casinos or an official mini Usher, because come on he already is might as well make it official.
  sycobich @ 2013-01-10 53 up,16 down
  brain @ 2013-01-16 40 up,14 down
the problem with us americans (and some others) is that most people equate effeminacy with homosexuality, when in reality there is no correlation as far as ive seen, because i have SEEN (argue all ya want) gay football players, and i have seen effeminate straight guys. when he decides to tell us for real, we will know, until then, stop acting like you have some omniscient gaydar on people you have never actually met when in reality you don't know one way or the other no matter how sure you say you are.
  Silver @ 2013-01-19 28 up,52 down
Okay I'm gay myself and honestly Justin Bieber is completely straight. I'VE NEVER gotten a vibe from him. Other than that, I dislike him. He's very unintelligent and I'm surprised that he scored so high on this site.
  In love @ 2013-01-23 66 up,26 down
I hope he is gay because I love him

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