Is Kevin Spacey gay or straight?

Here you find the sexual orientation of Kevin Spacey. Do you think Kevin Spaceys sexual nature is incorrect? Inform us about the correct sexual orientation.

The sexual orientation of Kevin Spacey Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Kevin Spacey dated Dianne Dreyer (from March 1992-Jan 2000)
  • Kevin Spacey dated Helen Hunt (from Jan 2000-Jan 2000)

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    According to 592 visitors Kevin Spacey is 76% gay.
    The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Kevin Spacey has been voted highly gay.

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      David @ 2012-01-30 15 up,3 down
    Apparently a big old rice queen, bless him.
      lukey @ 2012-03-07 12 up,1 down
    This guy is DEFINITELY gay.... I had a friend who told me that in college one of her really good guy friends dated him...
      @ 2012-04-16 7 up,4 down
    Yes lukey that definitely makes it so
      tem323 @ 2012-04-19 5 up,15 down
    NOOOOOOOO! I don't want him to be gay!!!
      Beel @ 2012-04-20 3 up,5 down
    I don't know about him being gay-- back in '88 he starred in Wiseguy along with Ken Wahl, who was *total* hotness, as in he could make a str8 guy's heart flutter--I didn't see any sparks between them...
      @ 2012-04-22 15 up,1 down
    He is gay. He is openly seen with his boyfriend in London.
      Todd @ 2012-05-04 11 up,1 down
    Yup he sure is, he hit on a number of my guy friends
      jeff @ 2012-06-04 5 up,11 down
    any man, at this age who is not married or in a relationship with a woman says it all.
      ga @ 2012-06-11 9 up,2 down
    Come out, already!
      andre @ 2012-08-15 12 up,5 down
    Eh, leave him alone! At least he doesn't hire escorts to parade around to try to fake it. The performing arts is running on pink energy, we all know that! Let's move on to more important issues like the 2012 elections!

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