Is Kevin Zegers gay or straight?

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The sexual orientation of Kevin Zegers Is heterosexual / straight

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Relationship history:
  • Kevin Zegers dated Kelly Osbourne (from Jan 2006-Jan 2006)
  • Kevin Zegers was rumored to be with Kaley Cuoco (from Jan 2004-Feb 2004)

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    According to 352 visitors Kevin Zegers is 70% gay.
    The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Kevin Zegers has been voted highly gay.

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      @ 2012-01-28 2 up,1 down
    Friend, the vibe is strong; embrace it!
      zee @ 2012-05-08 2 up,0 down
    I'm gay and I think he has been with both guys and girls. Obviously, I think he probably has a lot of gay friends being an actor. He also has "dated" Kelly Cuoco who seems to date a lot of other guys who I think are totally gay. Maybe Kelly is "the beard" for many gay guys. Sure seems like it. We should keep our eye on her because maybe future boyfriends will also seem gay too.
      Harry @ 2012-05-12 2 up,2 down
    Kevin likes the boys when I've run into him in west hollywood clubs. Doesn't mean the guy is exclusively gay, but he's been with guys!
      Mina @ 2012-11-27 3 up,1 down
    He was cute when he was little boy. And does not act like a girl and he don't love boys.

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